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It Did What? Secrets about Drug Testing in Arizona

Not so long ago, you may have heard about the different issues surrounding drug testing in Arizona.

For further clarification on the issue of Arizona drug testing laws, all the potential welfare recipients or those Americans who are considered to be included in the poverty line, must undergo drug testing to see if they’re qualified or not, to be eligible for welfare.

This implemented program is only growing in popularity, and six more states in the US did the same thing. And as with any hot topic that comes onto the scene, people started to question and criticize implementation of drug testing for welfare recipients.

Want to know more about drug testing in Arizona? Well, read on.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

The real shocking thing in relation to the drug testing in Arizona is about their welfare recipients’ drug testing project. The state of Arizona spent more than 1.7 million dollars for this project. They tested more than 87,000 welfare recipients only to catch a single person to be positive in using drugs. But, if you look at it on the other side, the result is impressive. Only one person tested positive out of more than 87,000 candidates during drug testing.

Some have argued that many of those tested have used certain products that could help pass a marijuana drug test. However, to us it seems unlikely that all or most used these products.

The downside of this is, the high dollar amount the state spent on drug testing these possible welfare recipients. For this reason, some criticize this project. They said the budget allotted for the project should instead be used to other government projects which can directly help the poor, instead of paying it to drug testing centers and only one person can benefit from it.

Employers and Employees Drug Testing Law

Arizona drug testing is not just restricted to welfare recipients.  Drug testing can also be used for the applicants applying for a job in Arizona. The employers are allowed to require a drug test to their applicants as long as they are abiding the policy of the state when it comes to administering the drug test. Employers are also allowed to perform random drug testing.

By law, the employers need to give notice to their employees about the drug testing and provide them every specified information about it. Drug testing is allowed to any jobs that can maintain security and productivity, part of accident investigation, and if there is a hint of drug usage.

The most important step if you are the employer is, keeping the result of the test confidential. If the applicant is positive, another test is still available to perform but it will be done using a different method. Discrimination (gender, race, disability, and age), defamation, and invasion of privacy are all violation to the law and all of these are included in employees’ legal claims.


Drug testing has different methods in gathering a sample. It can be your urine, blood, or hair follicle. If ever a urine drug test have a positive result and the individual is taking a medical treatment due to some illness, the person will have a chance to show and explain to the Medical Review Officer (MRO) the prescribed medicine that he or she is taking.

The probation officer has the option to let the individual undergo another drug test using another specimen. Using hair follicle is the best option since the presence of drug can still be detected for about 90 days after usage.

Probations categories:

  • Unsupervised – The offender is not required to meet a probation officer as long as he doesn’t cause any trouble in his probation period.
  • Supervised – The offender is required to meet with a probation officer daily and drug or alcohol tests may be a requirement.
  • Intensive – Usually involves paying and is the strictest type of probation.

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