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It Did What? Secrets about Drug Testing in Arizona

Not so long ago, you may have heard about the different issues surrounding drug testing in Arizona.

For further clarification on the issue of Arizona drug testing laws, all the potential welfare recipients or those Americans who are considered to be included in the poverty line, must undergo drug testing to see if they’re qualified or not, to be eligible for welfare.

This implemented program is only growing in popularity, and six more states in the US did the same thing. And as with any hot topic that comes onto the scene, people started to question and criticize implementation of drug testing for welfare recipients.

Want to know more about drug testing in Arizona? Well, read on.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

The real shocking thing in relation to the drug testing in Arizona is about their welfare recipients’ drug testing project. The state of Arizona spent more than 1.7 million dollars for this project. They tested more than 87,000 welfare recipients only to catch a single person to be positive in using drugs. But, if you look at it on the other side, the result is impressive. Only one person tested positive out of more than 87,000 candidates during drug testing.

Some have argued that many of those tested have used certain products that could help pass a marijuana drug test. However, to us it seems unlikely that all or most used these products.

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